to the parent portal of the city of Kempten (Allgäu)

Here you can find information about the childcare services  in Kempten (Allgäu) and register your interest.



All entries marked with an * are mandatory. By entering a postal code, you can narrow down your results further or determine them more precisely.

How it works

Enter your child's date of birth and the desired start date of care. Always select the 1st of the month. Then you will be directed to the results overview (map with listing).
By clicking on the house symbol on the map or the facility name in the list, you can access the respective profile.
After you got the necessary information, you can fill out the registration form by clicking on "Submit Care Request" for your chosen facility. Please note that registration is required for this.
 If desired, you can save your data at the end of this form and use it as a template for your next care request.

Useful information

How many requests per child are possible:

A maximum of 3 requests at the same time. If you receive rejections, you can register again.

When is it possible to register the child:

From birth, at the earliest 36 months before the desired start of childcare. 

When will parents receive the childcare offer:

At the earliest 6 months before the desired childcare start date.

Here you can find information about daycare for your child:

Tagesmütter und Tagesväter (kempten.de)


General questions about the portal may be answered in our FAQs .

 You can find multilingual instructions athttps://www.little-bird.de/service/anleitung/

In case of difficulties with registration, passwords... please use the following contact form Kontakt zum Support-Team-Team - LITTLE BIRD Service (little-bird.de).

If you have any further questions regarding operation or registration, please send a message to  littlebird@kempten.de

Please provide a phone number for possible follow-up inquiries. We are happy to assist you.


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